Pico Vault Passkey


Secure password manager & FIDO U2F security key

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A convenient and secure password manager and passkey – in the palm of you hand.

The Pico Vault provides a simple way to generate unique passwords for each of you accounts.
Saved passwords can be sent from the vault to practically any PC/Mac/mobile/etc.
  • About the size of a USB thumb drive with a 1.9″ screen.
  • Touchscreen navigation and pin unlock.
  • No custom software required.
  • FIDO U2F Security Key – passwordless/passkey authentication.
  • Password & key data is stored encrypted on the device.
  • Generate passwords on the device or enter your own to save.
  • Memory card support – create encrypted memory cards for secure file storage.
  • Possible to safely back-up your passwords and keep on multiple vaults.
  • Buit in WiFi.

When plugged in to your phone or computer the vault identifies as a USB mass storage device and a USB keyboard.

You can securely store up to 1,000 FIDO (passkey) keys and over 2,000 passwords.

The vault needs to be unlocked to grant access access to the memory card.

Once unlocked and when a password is selected the password is “typed” – entering the password in to the selected page.

Stored passwords can be safely backed up to a memory card – The passwords can not be recovered without the ‘master key’ and the ‘master key’ never leaves the vault.

For more information on FIDO2 please see:

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