Hi, I’m Adam – Founder of QT Bits. I created QT Bits in 2014 to fill a gap that I think exists in the technology sector – namely, the lack of innovative, unique, high quality tech products that really help people to make their lives easier. So many tech gadgets out there are limited in design/application, expensive and poorly made, while others are just cheap and disposable, ending up in landfill. The aim of my tech products is to fill a niche. They’re unique, designed mindfully, fun to build, and I really hope they serve a meaningful purpose to those who use them.

I’m a software engineer based in Perth, Western Australia with over 20 years experience in the IT industry. I was techy from a young age – pulling gadgets apart to see how they worked, and coding on my Commodore 64 (using Assembly) at 9 years old. Nowadays I work with embedded devices and develop apps on Android.

My workshop has a rapid prototyping studio with 3D printers, CNC machining and an electronics station. I have many prototypes in development so be sure to check back here or follow me for the latest on these.

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